An Unforgettable Trip to the Lab

By: Patricia, Co-Founder

The concept of Volition was born from an unforgettable trip to one of our favorite labs. The Detoxifying Silt Gelée we found has now become one of our debut product campaigns.

Together Brandy and I visited one of the labs we both had worked with throughout our beauty industry careers. Takako, the CEO, is a very talented, independent chemist, who works with a lot of the big Japanese skincare brands. Her lab is responsible for many of the top products that grace the shelves of Japanese department stores.

That day, Takako nonchalantly mentions that she has a huge library of product prototypes that were not yet on the market. Some of these products had actual patents (which is really rare in the beauty industry). She told us that these prototypes had been turned down by brands or retailers, not because of their efficacy or how incredible the product was, but because they weren't "trendy" or "in season" or "hot".

The Detoxifying Silt Gelée is an excellent example. Although a great formula, at the time she presented it, specialty retailers only wanted to feature two kinds of masks – clay and paper. They didn’t know about this new kind of ingredient and it wasn’t “hot now” or what all the other brands were featuring. So, they were not interested. As a result, the consumer was robbed of a really fantastic product! That’s when Brandy and I first said to ourselves, This has got to change.

It took us a little while longer to figure out how to take all the product ideas and prototypes from the labs and present them in an accessible and cost-effective way to our customers. But one of the very core concepts of the brand –delivering the best products direct from the labs, without middlemen – was born that day with Takako.

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