Our Leap of Faith: The Power of Community

All around us, we can sense the power shifting slowly towards the consumer. Kickstarter is turning new products and projects into reality with crowdfunding. Uber, AirBnb and Etsy allow regular people to sell and rent products and services. Reddit and Huffpost rank their stories by views rather than an editor’s decision. All these new business have tapped into the power of their communities to upend the old ways of doing things. And we admire them for what they are doing.

It’s a scary thing for a company at first, giving up that level of control to your community.

It requires a certain level of trust, sometimes a huge leap of faith, in your community members integrity, intelligence and creativity. All the companies mentioned above have made that leap of faith and have been rewarded with success.

Most consumer product brands have been built on the idea that they know better. It is how they establish their authority… and ultimately get you to buy their stuff. Fashion brands have traditionally relied on a designer – Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs – and that singular person’s personal style and tastes.

But recently some fashion brands have begun to diverge from the old ways of doing things. Modcloth, Gustin and BetaBrand are just a few that we know and love. These brands have taken the leap of faith that their customers should have a say in their products over corporate decision-makers or singular designers.

With innovative fashion brands putting their product decisions in the hands of their customers, a similar shift is bound to happen in beauty. We believe the power of communities will forever change the way beauty products are envisioned, made and sold. It’s what the consumer wants. And it’s what she deserves.

We are excited to take this leap with you.

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