Our Approach to Product Innovation

When we first started working on the concept for the Company, we reached out to cosmetic labs and chemists and said, “We’re interested in your best ideas that aren’t currently on the market. No holds barred. We won’t tell you what to make, or who to copy.” The volume and kinds of submissions that came pouring in amazed us. Truthfully, we didn’t anticipate how different and innovative new product ideas could be. We were absolutely blown away.

We found ourselves having to think hard about which ideas were right for Volition and how they all fit together. Right now, our Campaigns fall under 3 key categories depending on their attributes.

1. Ingredient. An example of this would be Thanakha or Silt Gelee -- an exotic or exciting ingredient that isn’t found anywhere else.

2. Form & Function. This category represents a paradigm change in the way you are used to seeing a product. A powdered shampoo or a hair-blotting papers are examples of Form & Function products currently in the works.

3. Pinnacle Ideas. This tier sets the bar. We use this category to describe patented, technology-enabled or industry game-changing product ideas. At the moment, we’ve got a few in the works but true Pinnacle Ideas require more development time than the rest. Stay tuned!

Our approach to product innovation has always been to raise the bar on what options we put in front of our voting community. But, at the same time, we don’t want to confuse or clutter. (There’s too much noise in beauty products already!) By being thoughtful and strategic about the Campaigns we feature, we hope to deliver content and ideas that are varied, interesting and relevant.

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