Revered for 4,000 years, the Cosmetic Ingredient You Need to Know Now

By: Stephanie, Volition's Marketing Guru

It's hard to talk about Moringa Oil without feeling like you are bragging.

It’s often called the “the miracle tree” or the “tree of life.” In the Philippines, they call it a “mother’s best friend.” In Senegal, it’s the “never die tree.” When you learn more about the so-called "miracle tree" and its properties, you’ll understand what I mean.

Photo credit: Volition Beauty

Moringa’s natural healing and nutrient uses date back over 4,000 years. It was used in beauty rituals fit for the Egyptian pharaohs, who used it to protect their skin from the unforgiving desert heat. The ancient Greeks extracted Moringa Oil for skin lotions and perfumes. Ancient Roman warriors fueled for battle with Moringa leaf extract, believed to provide them with much needed stamina and added strength.

Today, health-savvy Americans have coined Moringa a "superfood," thanks to the energy, immunity, and metabolism boosts it delivers. Talk to an environmentalist and you may learn about its use as a renewable form of energy. Perhaps my favorite modern day application is British conceptual artist John Newling’s survey exhibition, Ecologies of Value, celebrating (you guessed it) the Moringa tree. As I’ve come to learn, the historic and modern day benefits and uses of Moringa are vast.

Photo credit: John Newling's Ecologies of Value

We first discovered antioxidant-rich Moringa when we were presented with a body oil by Volition Innovator Julie Knox. This high-performing, hydrating oil absorbed in seconds, leaving our skin as soft as silk. We were completely blown away. The thin spray delivers the perfect, even amount for a luxurious, dry finish unlike any other oil we had ever tried (we've tried a lot of them).

From that moment on, we were hooked. We knew this was a product we needed to present to you. You can learn more about our Moringa Silk Body Oil on Volition Beauty today. And, as always on Volition, by voting in support of this product, you secure special pre-retail pricing (20% off).

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