A Glimpse Inside Our 1st Press Check

Exciting things are happening over here and we're thrilled to share them with you! This past week 2 products - Moringa Silk Body Spray & Detoxifying Silt Gelée - hit 100% of the votes needed to be created - meaning, it's all hands on deck here at Volition to get them to you as soon as we can!

This week, we traveled down to Los Angeles for our very first Press Check, where we made sure all the beautiful Volition boxes were printed just right. While in LA, we channeled our inner Paparazzi and snapped plenty of photos to share with you! What do you think?

Here we're getting down to the nitty gritty - lots of attention is placed on even the tiniest details to give you the best possible product.

Here, stacks of beautiful boxes are off to be cut and folded!

Hot off the Press! This is a look at the inside of our product packaging boxes where we highlight our Innovators and their discovery.

We're pretty happy with how they turned out, but we'll let you be the judge!

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