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When it comes to beauty, no one knows better than you - the person who uses beauty products every single day. With years of experience under your belt (especially those ofus who started testing products at age 3), we totally consider you beauty experts. And since no one knows beauty better than you, who better to tell us about our brand?

We decided to ask Collective members to tell us their beauty struggles, successes, andfavorites and what they think about Volition Beauty.

Meet A Few of Our Collective Members: Volition’s community of consumers, voters, innovators, discovers, co-creators, influencers and opinion-havers.

The creators of our brand.

Mary Williams - Communications student, animal advocate and angelic singer.

Jessica Yeggie - Make-up artist, esthetician student and all things beauty guru.

Eileen Tremaine - Business owner, writer and zen superhero mom.

Sophia Storer - Beauty Youtube and InstaStar and total make up expert.

Rebecca Lepard - Registered nurse, mom, dog lover and traveler extraordinaire.


Q: When did you start getting interested in skin care and make up?

Mary - I've always had a fascination with makeup and have developed a love over the years for the way a good skincare routine makes you feel before hitting the hay, but my very first experiences were in the dark ages of middle school *shrieks at memories of a heavily lined bottom water line and clumpy mascara*.

Jessica - My love affair with skin care began around age 15. I grew up with a mother who was great about teaching me the importance of skin care (especially as a teenager piling an inappropriate amount of makeup on my poor face), and it quickly became a huge part of my teenage world and has stayed with me the older I get.

Eileen - When I turned 40. I should have started earlier but my skin looked so good without much effort before that. And skin care wasn’t as prevalent as it is not. My mother never had to do much with her skin so I didn’t have anyone to learn from.

Sophia - About two years ago - after I graduated high school. Now I can’t even imagine my life without it! It’s become a huge passion.

Rebecca - While I was in high school. I always used vitamin E moisturizer on my face and noxema (GASP) to wash. I always just used whatever eye make up and mascara.


Q: What is the biggest skin problem that you face?

Mary - My skin tends to experience the worst stages during the extreme months (super dry in the winter and very oily in the warmer months), but I've found products that hold my hand through the rough times. Also, I have bad breakouts during my time of month, which doesn't help with the mood swings.

Jessica - Over drying. I love washing my face and I think it is so important, so I sometimes get a little face wash crazy. I've had to learn how to step back and trust my skin is clean enough. I combat my over dryness with amazing, heavy duty moisturizers.

Eileen - Wrinkles!!!

Sophia - Large pores, redress, and small portions of acne on my face.

Rebecca - I have very sensitive skin, so I’m prone to itchiness and dryness.


Q: What is your best piece of advice for maintaining great skin?

Mary - Don’t overdo it with washing your face. I've found that washing my face only a few times a week keeps its natural oils in tact and a gives me a better complexion. Obviously removal of makeup is necessary, but I just use a toner after, a good serum, and always a dollop of cream.

Jessica - Consistency and personalization. Every person should have a daily, regimented skincare routine. Life gets in the way, you fall asleep with your makeup on, you're too lazy to moisturize, and all of these things are very confusing for the skin. Your body needs consistency of time and product. We can all spare 15 mins am/pm to have a little"me" time to treat the skin with the products you love. It’s important to find a productline that works for you personally. No two skin types are identical and often times youcan create new problems if you are using products that aren't fit for your particular needs.

Eileen - Keep your face out of the sun! And wear SPF everyday. Even if it’s cloudy and dark the sun can still damage your skin and it has a huge effect on how your skin will age.

Sophia - Take care of your body! If you drink a lot of water and eat healthy it really reflects in your skin. When they say you are what you eat, they’re seriously so right.

Rebecca - Just simple washing and moisturizer as much as your skin needs it! Good, high quality products are also a must. Great products make a huge difference in my skin.


Q: Do you have any beauty secrets?

Mary - I don't believe this is really a ‘secret,’ but tea tree oil really helps me with pesky bumps. It relieves redness and dries up the bump so it goes away quicker.

Jessica - I mix a beauty oil into my foundation. Like I said, with my overly dry skin my foundation tends to set and dry, drying my skin even more out in the process. I've noticed if I mix a few drops of beauty oil in with my foundation before I apply it, the application process is so smooth and that foundation really clings on to the residual oil leaving me with flawless skin all day.

Eileen - Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. I also love facials. I can see a dramatic improvement right away. Also, be careful about hormone replacement as it can mess with your skin if you don't have the right dosage.

Sophia - Toothpaste. Weird, right? But I swear it works! When I'm out of my normal spot treatment over night gel, I will just dab toothpaste onto my problem areas. It works just as well.

Rebecca - I still use vitamin E lotion for my body everyday and sometimes on my face if I’m really tired. Lots of moisture and exfoliation keeps your skin youthful. And don’t wait until you have problems to start taking care of your skin. Prevention is better than treatment.


Q: When looking for new beauty companies, whats a must-have characteristic?

Mary - I have no tolerance for animal testing. My "must-have" is a cruelty-free brand.

Jessica - I think it is important to look at how innovative the company is. At the end ofthe day we can walk into any drug store in America and be overwhelmed our beauty"needs" and "must haves.” With so many products out there it's important for me to know a company is spending time and effort to make not only long lasting products, but adding new products and ideas to the industry.

Eileen - I look for products that actually do what they claim they will do and cruelty-free brands. I’m also getting into vegan options as well as I am moving in the direction.

Sophia - When I personally look for a new beauty brand I like when they are cruelty-free. Although it isn't a deal breaker for me, the biggest thing for me is a brand that is real and shows a sincere interest in their buyers; making their buyers feel wanted and letting them know they do have a voice.

Rebecca - Since I have sensitive skin, I need perfume and fragrance-free products. Most fragrances will make me itchy and have a rash. Affordability is also important so I can buy and keep buying a product.


Q: What is your favorite part of Volition Beauty?

Mary - Aside from being cruelty-free, I love the creativity and the co-creation process. Volition is so innovative and is knocking out the beauty industry standards! Not to mention this company is extremely welcoming and produces the highest quality products with great ingredients. I feel like I’m apart of something big here.

Jessica - What I love about volition is the company's philosophy on working with the beauty industry's consumers to create products and formulations we can all enjoy. With the help of Volition users and contributors, they have created an amazing rapport thatwill be instrumental in creating a unique beauty empire.

Eileen - The Moringa Silk Body Oil! I also love the discount you get for voting - it makes it so everyone can afford to be apart of this and encourages me to check back for new prototypes that I want to buy! I like that they’re a start-up and it’s a fun thing to be apart of. I feel invested in this company and am so excited to watch them grow from the very beginning.

Sophia - My favorite part about Volition is the fact they do listen to their buyers and everything is voted in by us! It’s very empowering.

Rebecca - My favorite part is definitely voting. Not only do we get to have a voice, we get a discount for supporting campaigns and giving opinions!


Q: What is your favorite Volition Beauty product?

Mary - I’m having a hard time deciding between the Moringa Silk Body Spray and the

Thanakha Radiant Bronzer. I seriously love them both.

Jessica - Definitely the Moringa Silk Body Spray .

Eileen - The Moringa Silk Body Spray. I’m obsessed.

Sophia - I LOVE the Oceanene Defense Gel!!!

Rebecca - Definitely the Detoxifying Silt Gelée. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all and leaves my face bright, soft, and smooth.


Q: Why is it your favorite and how do you incorporate it into your everday routine?

Mary - I use the body spray right after the shower on my legs and it absorbs super quickly and leaves me with a brilliant glow! The bronzer on the other hand is the perfect creamy makeup product. It blends seamlessly into my cheekbones and provides a sleek, subtle contour.

Jessica - Oils are such an important part of skin health and beauty. Volition has created this strongly formulated product that works on all skin types and conditions. I personally use this product after I get out of the shower in the morning to lock in moisture for the day. The application process is so quick and easy, it only takes a few seconds and my skin thanks me for it all day long.

Eileen - I keep one bottle of the Moringa Oil on my desk in my office and one in my bathroom at home. Keep it handy. It’s so dry where I live in the winter so I use it all the time.

Sophia - I incorporate the Defense Gel into my everyday routine buy applying it before my makeup. It moisturizes my skin and it helps my makeup apply much smoother. It definitely doubles as a moisturizer and primer.

Rebecca - I use the mask about once a week or if I notice my skin is a little distressed I’ll put on a lighter mask inbetween my regular uses. It’s the perfect way to de-stress after a long day - the natural smell is therapeutic.


Being a Volition Collective Member is more than just being a customer - it’s becoming apart of community of real women who have real opinions, real needs, and real solutions.

Without the innovators, reviewers, and voters, we wouldn’t be Volition Beauty; the Collective is the most vital aspect of our company. So join us today, and become apart of something big! Thank you to all our Collective Members who participated in this post!

***All opinions are strictly those of the respected Collective Member. Collective Members were not paid to be a part of this post.

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