Solving the Product Development Problem in Beauty

As beauty industry insiders, our team has identified a fundamental disconnect between how beauty companies develop products and what their intended consumers want.

Here is the status quo:

New products are often conceived and developed inside a vacuum of customer information.

The process usually involves 4-5 beauty brand executives (we know, because we were those executives!) - and high levels of guesswork. In a world where few people choose restaurants based on one critic’s review, it doesn’t seem right that you are buying products based on what a handful of people decided in a boardroom.

A lot of the time, retailers encourage brands to copy existing, successful products rather than come up with original innovation because they want to play it safe or create a trend. Because they have limited chances at sales success (6-7 product launches per year) and high manufacturing minimums, brands naturally shoot for less risky products that address the largest population of consumers.

For you, the consumer, this status quo results in “me-too” launches (brands copying other brands with little differentiation between products - some examples include the very recent launches of similar face oils and cleansing oils). The current process also results in a lack of innovation and mediocre products that ignore niche beauty problems.

In January 2014 a new cateogory was born, a retailer effort to 'create a trend': face oils

Volition’s platform democratizes the process by opening up the Product Development funnel to the experts who actually invent and consumers who actually have beauty problems worth solving.

At Volition, we don’t aim to make beauty products. We want to solve your beauty problems.

So we start there.

At Volition, consumer's are encouraged to co-create with us, and truly take a part in the Product Development process through voting, giving feedback and submitting their own beauty product ideas.

How does Volition help solve problems that other brands can’t?

At Volition, we make small batches of product (2,500 - 5,000 units) not the 100,000 units other brands at retail have to manufacture. These smaller minimums not only allow us to serve the underserved but also to incorporate your feedback with every batch we make.

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