13 Things I've Learned From Living in San Francisco

Now I'm not a native and I've only lived in San Francisco for a year and a half now, but I've learned a lot in my short amount of time here. I feel so lucky to live in a place thriving with natural beauty, culture, and incredible humans (plus dogs). Here are 13 things I've learned from my time here in the city:

1. Boredom is rare. - There's always something going on from free music festivals in Golden Gate Park (check out Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival) to a grand Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown.

2. Eating is an art. - Food is a huge deal in San Francisco. You will turn into a foodie living here, and you can find a restaurant with authentic roots of almost every type of food.

3. Daily hikes are normal. - Let me specify, you can take many beautiful nature hikes around the city, but even walking from building to building can be a hike. There are hills. Lots of them. And San Francisco is an extremely active city that will really motivate you to get moving.

4. Microclimates are a thing. - The temperature drops and rises what feels like 10 degrees, varying per block. You'll always want to bring a sweater everywhere, but also be wearing a t-shirt.

5. You'll probably end up spending a lot more money than you should. - You'll find a way to spend money on everything. And I mean a lot of it. And it will mostly be food.

6. Two words: reusable bags. - You will feel guilty for not bringing them. And you will be charged. And judged by the person checking you out.

7. Rent costs will eat you alive. - There is no such thing as "inexpensive living" here.

8. You'll probably have roommates forever. - Refer to number 7.

9. Everyone works for a start-up. - Guilty as charged.

10. There are no seasons. - Fog is the year-round season. But this just makes you appreciate the rare sunny and warm days even more. And the unpredictable weather can make it hard to keep up with your skin's needs, especially with wind and humidity. Our Oceanene Defense Gel is the perfect everyday moisturizer to keep your skin in tact from the crazy weather.

11. Saying San Francisco is diverse would be an understatement. - Having so many different cultures in one city is part of what makes SF so unique, and there's so much to learn from so many different people.

12. "San Fran" is not a thing. - Just don't say it. Please.

13. It is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever see. - From the bay to the ocean, there is nothing short of awe-filled aesthetics with historic architecture, absurdly green parks, and opportunities that will have you wanting to stay forever.


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