Beauty Tips from Mom: Beauty Advice passed down by our Mothers

To celebrate Mother’s Day (which is May 8th btw, so don’t forget to send your mom some flowers) and all of the wonderful moms out there, we reached out to our community of beauty lovers and asked them to share with us the best beauty advice they’ve ever gotten from their moms. After all, moms do know best.

The best beauty advice I’ve gotten from my mom is…

1. “To use makeup and skincare to enhance what makes me beautiful, not to cover up my imperfections, because that's what makes me who I am.” - Jessica Yeggie

2. “To always use a good round hair brush for a better blow dry. It seriously makes a huge different.” - Mary Williams

3. “To always use moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple.” - Cecilia Tremaine Nelson

4. “That a natural look is always better. She helped me find the right make up techniques to make my eyes pop, my skin clear, and to not look like a clown of course.” - Rose Banghart

5. “To love my freckles and to not dress for anyone by myself.” - Jessica Guterding

6. “To always make sure your hands are clean before touching your face.” - Pari Vijay

7. “To take care of my hair. She’s always been a huge advocate for not over washing, frequent trims, and splurging on products when it comes to good hair health.” - Madi Johnson

8. "To get enough sleep." - Brandy

9. "That I can put on all the make up I want and have the perfect skin everyone else wants, but no matter what, my beauty comes from being happy and genuine to myself and to the people around me." - Shelby Floyd

10. “That I don't need make up.” - Sara Stoxen

11. “To wear a hat when I’m going to be out in the sun for a while to protect my face from sun damage.” - Caroline Tremaine Nelson

12. “That you are what you eat. Especially when it comes to healthy skin.” - Eileen Tremaine

13. “To always, always wear sunscreen.” - Ashley Taladino

14. “To never over do it on my makeup. Your natural beauty is what’s important.” - Sydney Domke

15. “To make sure I don’t wear to much eyeliner because it takes away from the natural beauty in my eyes.” - Isabelle Lazkani

16. "To use cold water when you wash your face because it's better for your pores and overall skin health." - Izzy Slotin

17. "To wash my face every single night before I go to sleep." - Diann Panek

18. "That less is more. Use your make up to enhance what you already have." - Paige March

Did your mom teach you a beauty lesson that wasn't already mentioned? Leave us a comment to share the advice you got from her!

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