Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most out of your Eye Product

PRO TIP: If you don’t currently have an eye product in your skin care rotation, you definitely need to hop on this bandwagon ASAP.

Eye products are usually the first item (beyond a cleanser) in your skincare regimen.

Why? Your delicate eye area is one of the first to age! The thinnest layer of skin we have is under our eyes, so it's a no-brainer (in fact, its absolutely crucial) to have a specialized formula.


1. Always apply with your ring finger:

The thin skin around your eyes is sensitive; be as gentle as

possible. Always use light pressure, gentle sweeping and massaging. Never tug or pull on the skin; it can cause premature wrinkles and sagging.

2. Apply your product along the orbital bone and brow bone:

When you apply your product, it can travel almost an inch on your skin, so applying too close to your actual eye ball can cause irritation.

3. A little product goes a long ways:

Effective eye products can be expensive - don’t waste your investment by apply too much. More product doesn’t mean more results! Excess product can actually end up in your eyes; causing irritation and swelling (hint: exactly what you’re trying to treat).

4. Let it soak in before applying anything over it:

Think: More benefits. Also, applying make-up (concealers, foundations) immediately after eye cream or gel can create caking or a heavy look.

5. You may benefit from two different eye products:

One for morning, one for night. In the morning, you may want a lighter formula for under make-up with light reflecting particles or caffeine, giving an 'awakening' aspect. At night, heavier products work well since there's a longer period of time to absorb moisture and actives.

If you’re new to eye products or want to try a new formula, Volition's Helix Restorative Eye Gel is the ultimate go-to. Immediate and long-term benefits come together in cooling, hydrating formula that promotes collagen and elastin synthesis (think: long-term firming and smoothing), and blurs the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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