Revolutionary Product Development

"Total wild cards in the beauty industry." -Glamour

At Volition, we set out with the goal of revolutionizing the beauty industry together with our customers. Let us share what that means to us, and ultimately to you, our awesome Community of beauty enthusiasts.

We are on a mission to create truly unique products. We formulate for the sole purpose of truthful, real product benefits and not for marketing stories. Our products are 100% community driven. Our process allows us to make better products at a better price. Sound great, right? You might be thinking, "how does that work?"

Here's everything you need to know:


1. Community-sourced product innovations


Women are smart. Who better to tell us what they want than the consumer? Volition community members submit product ideas to make their very own dream product. If it's already out there, we will point you to it. We only make products that have never before been seen in the market. And best yet, Innovators earn commissions on all sales of their product (cha-ching!).

2. Laboratory-sourced innovations


Our vast network of top, industry-leading beauty labs brings undiscovered or coveted ingredients and cutting edge technologies to our Community all the time. New ideas, non-stop.

3. Eliminate trend forecasting cost


No more “creative teams” trying to decide the next beauty trend or which product to copy. Goodbye closed door conference rooms and time spent brainstorming the best way to copy other companies' products. Eliminating these costs helps us pass those savings on to you.

4. No failed product launch costs


If a product doesn’t get enough community support, we don’t make it. This helps us save on failed product launch costs. Every product we make is a winner.

5. Lower marketing costs


By voting, consumers tell us their product interests, allowing us to ensure our marketing is relevant and efficient.

Join the revolution!

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