A Frustrated Consumer's Beauty Quest

From disappointed beauty shopper to QVC entrepreneur in just 6 months...

Read all about how Jen R., the woman behind our Customer Top Rated Neroli Complete Creme, became one of Volition's first Innovators

Jen's Story

Jen's journey to becoming a Volition Innovator started with a frustrating trip to the department store. She, like many other women in their 40s / 50s, wanted help with those fine lines and wrinkles - and with all the new anti-aging creams on the market, she was sure she'd find one that suited her.

Surprisingly, there was no cream for her.

Why? Because she had combination skin. What exactly is that? Do you have dry patches or an oily T-zone? Then you have combination skin. Actually, it is actually the most common skin type. Heavy anti-aging creams broke out her T-zone while the lighter versions weren't powerful enough for her dry patches.

When combination skin begins to age... women typically start to show the signs in the cheek, jawline, neck and/or forehead area; while often times the nose and chin area continue to be shiny. The answer that most women hear (like Jen heard when she went shopping that day) is to buy two or three products - treat your T Zone with products for oily skin and your cheeks with products for dry skin.

Combination skin is the most common skin type but women are told to buy 2 or 3 (or more!) products for it

Jen's 'What If?'

Jen didn't have the patience (or the budget) to buy all these different products. She thought to herself

What if... 'my combination, aging skin could be solved with one luxurious cream instead of multiple products?'

She researched the active ingredients behind the BEST anti-aging skincare creams on the market - those powerful enough to soothe her dry patches and those gentle and non-greasy to handle her oily, acne-prone areas. She submitted her idea to Volition's website in December 2015.

Volition's Innovation

We took Jen's problem to one of the industry's leading anti-aging labs. They were up for the challenge because it was coming from a real woman's need. Their decades of formulating experience for top skincare brands globally positioned them to solve this contradiction. Finally, create a cream luxurious and powerful to fight aging and dry patches but weightless and fast-absorbing to handle an oily T-zone.

By leveraging a proprietary amino acid complex to calm and balance while working with proven anti-aging ingredients of collagen and royal jelly, they found a single solution for Jen's combination + aging concerns. Jen (and her friends, family and supporters) reviewed numerous prototypes to refine the formula.

Neroli Complete Creme: Luxurious and powerful to fight aging and dry patches but weightless and fast-absorbing to handle an oily T-zone

As always, Volition ran the formula against rigorous third-party testing. Here are a few pictures from the completely unretouched before and after studies. Notice the improvement in both skin texture and redness!!

Entrepreneurial Success

With its innovative formulation (and succulent scent), Neroli Complete Creme quickly became Volition's number one-voted moisturizer. It skyrocketed to best seller status immediately - proving that there were so many women who could relate to Jen's problems.

The culmination of Jen's entrepreneurial journey came when QVC selected the product for Volition's one hour show in August! In just six months, Jen had gone from frustrated consumer to a successful innovator with her amazing product featured on QVC!

The QVC community loves Neroli Complete. It is a Customer Top-Rated with tons of 5 star reviews!

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