The Perfect Eye Product

Day or night, young or old, under makeup or on bare skin...

Introducing: Helix Restorative Eye Gel

The perfect makeup canvas during the day. The perfect powerful gel to improve fine lines and wrinkles during the night.

Meet Lindsey.

Lindsey has been a professional makeup artist in New York City for almost a decade with a varied client base - from celebrities on daily Disney and ESPN network shows to brides on their special days. Knowing the eyes were usually the first place to show signs of aging, she was on a quest to find the perfect eye product to use on her clients and on herself.

"A fast-absorbing gel that cools while it works its anti-aging magic... works to firm, hydrate, and smooth." - Brides Magazine

What If...

... my serious, nighttime eye treatment could also be the perfect daytime makeup canvas? Lindsey was looking for a multi-tasking product that was powerful enough to treat her lines, wrinkles and crepiness but that wasn't greasy and thick like a lot of the eye creams on the market that made her eye makeup run. Since she couldn't find anything like it out there, she really had no other choice but to create it herself.

"Practically melts into the skin and improves the application

of under-eye concealer." - Popsugar

The breakthrough.

To solve Lindsey's quest, Volition found an ancient, time-tested ingredient in its arsenal - escargot mucin. Mucin in skincare dates back to ancient Greece. Most recently, South American farmers handling the French delicacy, noticed their hands looked younger. But why?

...Because snail mucin holds moisture like no other ingredient. Not only does it provide long-term hydration (like a lot of eye creams that show 10-12 week results), but it improves moisture levels after 24 hours. So it was perfect for a round-the-clock eye treatment to be worn both day and night in our Helix Restorative Eye Gel.

** Third-party clinical study

"Helix Restorative Eye Gel gets done on its own what I try to achieve for my clients WITH makeup." - Innovator, Lindsey

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