How This Startup Is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

“Volition Beauty is hands-down the most innovative brand I happened upon in 2016.” - InStyle

We founded Volition last year to build a new kind of beauty company - a company where technology lets our customers control our brand. Volition's revolutionary product development process, partnerships with industry-leading labs and online voting system allows us to harnesses our customers’ collective wisdom and leads to smarter, better products - we all win here.

The Only Brand That Helps Your Create Your Dream Products.

Our co-founders, Patricia Santos and Brandy Hoffman, told Popsugar that they “bonded over the things [they] wanted to change about the beauty industry.” The main thing they wanted to change: the fact that the consumer isn’t even involved in product development process. Decisions about products shouldn’t be made in a board room, they should be made out in the real world by real people.

The Genius Beauty Concept That Could Revolutionize The Industry.” - The Zoe Report

We’re the first online collaboration platform that lets you take charge and create your own beauty products. (Note: You can create your own product! Submit an idea here). “If you can dream it, you can make it,” comments Refinery29 on our completely unique process. We’re making beauty more democratic - and more fun, to be honest - by letting beauty junkies and regular people bring their ideas to store shelves. The industry is in need of innovation and variety, and who better to provide it than you?

Other Brands Tell You What You Should Want.

Not us. We Listen.

I’m sure this all sounds just wonderful, but what does it really mean to you?

- Groundbreaking product ideas to continually explore and discover (Meaning: new products to vote on every week).

- Our smarter process makes for low costs. You get luxury products at better prices.

- Information about real women's beauty problems and quests - and how Volition helps solve them.

- Our chemists make our products in small batches, so you get the freshest, most active products possible. Nothing here sits on the shelves for long.

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