The Only Body Product You Need (Seriously): Moringa Silk Body Spray

"What if an ultra hydrating oil could be invisible in seconds while delivering maximum hydration and nourishment?"

Be a modern-day Cleopatra! Antioxidant-rich Moringa oil (used for beauty treatments in ancient Egypt) is the star of this high performing, hydrating oil that absorbs into skin in seconds. Not only has it been used for centuries and proven to deliver heavy-hitting hydration, Moringa is also a superfood nicknamed "the tree of life" and "the miracle tree." In other words, this oil is the real deal.

Read below to find out why our Moringa Silk Body Spray has become a Volition Community favorite.

What makes this oil so special?

1. Fast Absorption

Unlike other oils that leave your skin feeling greasy and sticky, Moringa Silk Body Spray absorbs into your skin in seconds while still delivering a superior level of moisture. After trying our spray, InStyle said it "absorbed almost instantly and left [their] limbs glowing, not greasy."

2. Moringa is a superfood (aka super-good-for-you)

With 7x the vitamin C of an orange, 4x the calcium of milk, and 4x the beta-carotene of carrots, Moringa has been labeled a superfood by Time magazine. Our Moringa oil is delicately blended with 5 other botanical flower oils that were carefully designed to deliver even more nutrients and moisture.

3. It comes from an ancient beauty ritual

Ancient Egyptians relied on Moringa Oil to protect their skin from the unforgiving desert climate, which is why it was coined Cleopatra's beauty secret. The hydration and benefits have been proven over centuries and have been vetted by millions of women through time.

"Literally as light as silk." - InStyle

But don't just take our word for it, hear what thousands of real women think of Moringa:

"My new favorite thing!" - Madi J.

"I got a sample of this from my sorority sister. I loved it - super light, not greasy. I'm never using body lotion ever again." - Annabelle M.

"I LOVE this body spray. I was getting tired of overly scented lotions that left me feeling greasy. Moringa is so easy to use - just a few sprays after getting out of the shower and it instantly absorbs and leaves my skin feeling soft. I've already recommended this to quite a few friends!" - Christine

"Do yourselves a favor and stop wasting your cash on inferior lotions and lesser body oils. It's an absolute dream, applies beautifully, gives you the softest, most deliciously moisturized skin and smells gorgeous." - Aja A.

Try our Moringa Body Spray today and see for yourself what wonders it can do for your skin!

(Due to high demand, limit 2 bottles per customer)

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