Get Real: Behind the Scenes with Ashley Armitage

"I'm trying to show that the meaning of beauty is subjective; it's a choice and it can be whatever we want it to be."

- Ashley Armitage, Photographer

We had the pleasure of working with photographer Ashley Armitage for our most recent photoshoot. Her work defies traditional beauty standards and encourages body positivity. Each photo is a real representation of women and their figures. Volition had the chance to discuss how she defines beauty and the direction of the beauty industry.

Beauty Redefined

How do you think the media defines beauty?

"All we ever see in the media are thin, white, tall, cis-gendered, able-bodied women. We need more diverse representation."

How is the media's definition of beauty different than your own?

"I believe that everyone is beautiful and that beauty can express itself in so many ways.

In my photography, I want to show that we have a choice - that beauty is more than one narrow definition and that our perceived beauty does not determine our self worth. I'm trying to combat this by showing that we can be a multitude of things. I'm trying to show that the meaning of beauty is subjective; it's a choice and it can be whatever we want it to be."

What was it like meeting the Volition team of Innovators and Community members?

"It was great! They flew me to San Francisco and I got to meet and work with the team for a couple days. I think what Volition is doing is super special. They made it a point to be diverse and representative with the models for this project. In fact, most of the people weren't professional "models" but just real people from the community. It's so refreshing to see."

Where do you see the direction of beauty and beauty products going?

"I hope that beauty will keep evolving to be more about accentuating each and every person's individual beauty, rather than about putting people into a homogenous cookie cutter definition of beauty. I want beauty to be about diversity, not about sameness. I also want to see beauty products open up more to all genders. I want them to be more than just a "girl's" thing. Beauty products are self-care, they should be totally acceptable for men, women and all genders in between to use."

Our Sephora Shoot with Ashley Armitage

We wanted Ashley to capture our real Innovators and Community Members since they're the ones who drive our brand. Keep an eye out for her work with Volition Beauty in select Sephora stores near you and on

Make sure to check out her feature in i-D "Ashley Armitage Wants to Reclaim Butts" and her Instagram @ladyist.

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