How You Can Master Applying Liquid Liner

"Nothing is as exciting as seeing a blank canvas transformed into a work of art and makeup allows me to do that every day."- Betsy, Innovator behind the Double Edged Eyeliner Pen

The Volition community is made up of amazing individuals with ingenious ideas. We took a moment to get to know Betsy, the innovator behind the Double Edged Eyeliner Pen (her campaign is still live!) Let us be the first to say, this new product just changed the make-up game forever!

What drew you to makeup and the beauty industry?

I was drawn to the makeup and beauty industry as a young teen. I loved recreating makeup looks from magazines on myself and friends. Nothing is as exciting as seeing a blank canvas transformed into a work of art and makeup allows me to do that every day.

What would you tell your younger self about beauty and it's definition?

I would tell my younger self not to be so self-critical because everyone is beautiful in their own way. As a makeup artist, the first step in my application is determining the client's best features, but the first thing every client does is tell me what they dislike about themselves. My favorite saying is "we are all our own worst critic."

How did you discover Volition?

I discovered Volition Beauty when I saw an article about a cancer survivor who created an eyebrow replacement product. I was immediately intrigued by the company that supported her idea. As I read more about Volition Beauty, I knew I had to be a part of it. All I could think was "finally, a company that gets it, who better to create products than the people who really know what the beauty industry needs!"

Do you have any beauty advice for our community members?

My favorite beauty advice is WEAR SUNSCREEN and take care of your skin. I'm a Medical Aesthetician and Makeup Artist and everyday I remind clients that the sun ages their skin. Makeup works for a day but healthy skin is for a lifetime.

About the Campaign

The perfect winged eyeliner is not an easy task. It usually consists of a few dozen cotton swabs, a makeup wipe and smudged fingers. We knew there had to be an easier way to achieve this look. Our Innovator Betsy came up with a simple solution, a dual sided eyeliner pen with a long lasting liquid eyeliner on one side and a makeup remover pen on the other.

Betsy has been a makeup artist for thirty years. She wanted to create a product that would easily allow her to fix eyeliner imperfections without messing with the rest of her makeup. Her concept will completely change your morning routine (and save you a whole lot of time).

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